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Make Arrangements – Lot and Space Availability

Ground Burials

We have a variety of burial plots available for those who would wish to be buried beneath the ground.  Rockland Cemetery welcome personalized monuments, providing the plot owners choices when selecting a plot size.  With over 150 acres of land, Rockland Cemetery will continue to provide family’s with many ground burial options for years to come.

Single Plots

Single Plots can provide space for up to 1 casket burial and 1 cremain burial remains or up to 3 cremain burials.  Unlike many cemetery’s, Rockland cemetery will allow either a flat marker or an upright memorial stone.

Companion Plots

Companion plots provide space for 2 casket burials and 2 cremain burials or up to 6 cremain burials.  You can choose to either have 2 flat markers, or 2 upright or 1 centered stone across both plots.


Rockland Cemetery now offers additional options for individuals who would like for proper memorial for cremations.

Rockland Cemetery Columbarium

We are pleased to offer our new columbarium offering.  This columbarium niche is simple small vault were the cremated remains of your loved one will be kept.  The columbarium is centrally located in the middle of cemetery near our holding pond.  A single niche is 12 inches by 12 inches and can hold up to 2 cremated remains.  Please keep the size in mind when ordering an urn.

Burial of Cremated Remains

Cremated remains can be buried in graves throughout our cemetery.  Each grave can accommodate 3 cremain or 1 cremain and 1 casket burial.

Memorial Garden

For those individuals who would like to memorialize loved ones – We can offer memorial engraved stones in our cemetery columbarium.


Rockland Cemetery and its Board of Directors want to ensure that we offer to our families a fitting final resting place for their loved ones!  If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Cemetery Manager or Operations Manager at 845-359-0172.