Fee Schedule

Grave Pricing

Single Graves $1,800.00

Single Premium Graves (Section H) $3,000.00

Companion Graves are side by side, because we only offer single depth graves.

Each single grave can hold 1 casket & 1 cremain or 3 cremains.


Cremain Only Graves 

We have identified specific graves within the cemetery that will only accommodate cremations.

The cost for these graves is $1,500.00 each.  These graves can accommodate 3 cremain burials.


Columbarium Niche Pricing

1st Row $1,200.00

2nd Row $1,500.00

3rd Row $1,800.00

Top Row $2,000.00

Opening Fee & Niche Cover Engraving $700.00

Each niche can hold 2 cremains.  No pets are allowed.


Interment Pricing

Casket/Vault opening fee $1,250.00

Cremains opening fee $450.00

Infant graves $125.00

Rockland Cemetery does not require a vault be used.


Additional Fees

Saturday or Holiday $400.00 (Must arrive at Rockland Cemetery by 11:00 am)

Winter Charge $300.00

Late Fee $250.00 per hour (Monday thru Friday the must enter the cemetery by 2:30 pm, Saturday and Holidays by 11:00 am otherwise a late fee will be charged)

Disinterment $3,000.00

Disinurnment from Niche $300.00